Update on Pay Equity payments

Canada Post says 10,000 have received pay equity cheques. 

(Vanessa Lu / Toronto Star)

The post office is set to place ads to find others who could be eligible for compensation in a case that has spanned more than 30 years.

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Pro-Rated Dues MOA Signed

We are pleased to announce that an MOA has been signed between UPCE/PSAC and the Canada Post Corporation regarding pro-rated dues for part-time members and volume counters.  As I’m sure you aware we have been manually processing submitted claims for Volume Counters back to April 2012. A copy of the original communication to Volume Counters can be found as a  Special Communiqué under the Communiqués section.

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Volume Counters and Term Employees

Canada Post has now implemented a two tier pay system, one for existing employees, one for new employees. Your bargaining team voiced their objection to this during the last round of negotiations. As of May 12, 2014, Canada Post will now be paying new employees 15% less as a starting wage.

Your union provided a "head's up" to Canada Post that, once this two-tier system kicks in, there will be issues with the pay of Volume Counters. Canada Post ignored our concerns.

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Distribution of UPCE Collective Agreement

UPCE Collective Agreement books were distributed the last week of November


If you did not receive a copy of your collective agreement, please ask your team leader to obtain a copy for you from Labour Relations.


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