The National Executive of the UPCE is the governing body of UPCE in periods between National Conventions and is currently composed of one elected full-time National President, one elected full time vice-president, and three elected National Executive Officers.

The National Executive has the power to make the policies and regulations necessary for the UPCE to conduct business, provided the policies and regulations do not conflict with the provisions of the UPCE bylaws or the PSAC Constitution. New policies and regulations must be ratified at an UPCE National Convention.

UPCE is composed of groups of members that are called Locals. A Local is a locally based trade-union organization that forms part of the larger national union. Locals are organized to represent the union’s members from a particular geographic area or employer organization. Locals have their own governing bodies that represent the interests of the National Union, while at the same time responding to the desires of their constituents, and the organizing of regular membership meetings.

UPCE National Bylaws

PSAC Constitution & Regulations

Oath of Office Form